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     &nbspAfter completing graduate work in volcano seismology, Timothy L. Karpin worked as a geologist, geophysicist, and hazardous waste specialist for 12 years in the environmental consulting industry. During that tenure, he investigated close to a thousand different industrial and commercial facilities around the nation, developing and honing his skills in producing industrial histories for private and government clients. His extensive environmental training work resulted in his Introductory Career Guide To Environmental Consulting handbook, and The Business Elements of Environmental Consulting, now in press. He has published in The Professional Geologist, focusing on professional ethics, and in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, describing computer viruses launched from Los Alamos National Laboratory. For 6 years, he traveled throughout the country in search of hidden and obscure nuclear weapons-related facilities – taking time in 2000 to assist USA Today with its three-part landmark series on injured and forgotten Cold War nuclear weapons workers. A native New Yorker, he now lives in Northern California.

     &nbspFor the past 25 years, James M. Maroncelli has applied his strong multi-disciplinary scientific and technical background to helping private industries and government agencies all across the United States identify and cope with environmental contamination at their facilities. He developed his investigative skills during this period through interviews of people either unwilling or unable to explain the whole story or give full access to their facilities, or who intentionally provided misleading, incorrect, or contradictory information. He has provided expert witness testimony for several litigations and is an experienced technical writer, having published several professional papers. An early casual interest in how nuclear weapons were constructed and tested, and participation in environmental projects at the Savannah River Plant and the Oak Ridge Reservation while these facilities were still in full-scale production eventually developed into a strong commitment to pull together a coherent picture of the nuclear weapons complex. Having grown up in Chicago, he has also resided in Connecticut, Georgia, and California, but now calls Washington State his home.

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